Barbara Youngblood Carr

Quilted Memories With our Ancestors by Barbara Youngblood Carr, the third volume in this talented author's ongoing Ancestor Series, is an enhancement of the previous books... a cohesive patchwork of ancestral recollections, acute observations of the past and present woven into a magnificent literary quilt... a military wife, mother and humanist of Cherokee heritage, she uses her considerable abilities to tender her lines with a spirited wit. The prose is candid, the short stories vibrant and the poetry is some of the best she has ever written... a gamut of emotion handled with dignity and comprehension... not an also or a maybe read volume, but a must-be-read book."


"It has often been said by members in her audience, about one short poetry/prose reading by Barbara Youngblood Carr, that her selections made listeners both laugh and cry during the same reading."


"...Because during her reading as a Juried Poet at the Houston Poetry Festival in October, 2007, Barbara Youngblood Carr read poems as varied in content/manor in her performance as an extremely heavy, dark poem, titled 'Louder Than Thunder, More Quiet Than Snow' (about viewing her dead parents in the funeral home after they died together in an automobile accident in 1969); a poem about 'Cowboy Churches' and one about a roach in church that made everyone laugh... Mr. Clark said of her reading, 'In a few minutes you ran the universe.'"

-- ROBERT CLARK, Host of the 30-year First Friday Poetry Reading Series in Houston and Chair of the annual Houston Poetry Festival

Her short story about airborne paratroopers was published in the 173rd International Airborne Magazine distributed to members in New Zealand, Australia and the U.S. who had served in the Vietnam War and who participated in the only combat parachute jump there in 1967.

"Barbara Youngblood Carr has been volunteering to mentor young students in the H.O.S.T.S. (Help One Student to Succeed) Program for two years at Walnut Creek Elementary School... a very important program in that each student must pass Texas State TAKS Testing in order to be promoted to the next grade level... she also participated in Career Week activities as a published author by presenting readings from her books, Dreamdancing With Ancestors and Counting Places in the Presence of our Ancestors to encourage those students so inclined to become authors by demonstrating her experiences and expertise... it is with great pleasure that we have copies of Ms. Carr's books in our school library... Ms. Carr facilitated creative writing workshops for me at another elementary school... including the Kealing target school presentation... children always looked forward to her hands-on, imaginative activities."

-- IRENE MOONEYHAN, Assistant Principal, Walnut Creek Elementary School, Austin, Texas (2004)

"...Ms. Carr's attitude is always cheerful and helpful and the students like her very much and look forward to her sessions with them...we plan to use Ms. Carr's services as long as she is willing to volunteer to help us in our programs...it is because of volunteers/mentors like Ms. Carr that our program in this school has such a high rate of success."

-- CHRISTINE HAUSMAN, LITERARY SPECIALIST at Walnut Creek Elementary School, Austin, Texas
- About the Same Program (2004)