Barbara Youngblood Carr

Where Rivers Dance Across Stones (2007, 6x9" Softcover, 188 p.) Sixth in the Author's Ancestor Series - $22.00

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Angels, Monsters and Other Wild Things (1995, 5.5x8.5" Saddlestitch, 46 p.) - $12.00
Slices of Humor (1999, 8.5x11" Saddlestitch, 68 p.) - $12.00
Christmas Comes in Many Colors (1999, 8.5x11" Saddlestitch, 40 p.) - $12.00
Chicken Fried (2000, 8.5x11" Spiralbound, 100 p.) Recipes with Poetry - $15.00
Psalms of the South (2000, 8.5x11" Saddlestitch, 108 p.) - $12.00
Singularities: Writing from the Center of the Edge (2001, 6x9" Softcover, 226 p.) An anthology - $15.00
Roaches Is In! (2002, 8.5x11" Spiralbound, 78 p.) - $15.00
Dreamdancing With Ancestors (2002, 6x9" Softcover, 232 p.) First in the Ancestor Series - $20.00
Counting Places in the Presence of Our Ancestors (2003, 6x9" Softcover, 160 p.) Second in the Ancestor Series - $22.00
Quilted Memories With Our Ancestors (2004, 6x9" Softcover, 176 p.) Third in the Ancestor Series - $22.00
All Roads Lead to Our Ancestors (2005, 6x9" Softcover, 176 p.) Fourth in the Ancestor Series - $22.00
Following in Ancestral Footsteps (2006, 6x9" Softcover, 184p.) Fifth in the Ancestor Series - $22.00

The complete set of six Ancestor Series books - $75.00, plus $10.00 for shipping and handling.

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