Manuscript editing by:

Barbara Youngblood Carr

I will edit, proof and publish your book and make your dreams come true. I am very meticulous and work for very reasonable fees. For samples of my works and others that I have produced, visit their websites or mine to see examples. With my upcoming book this fall, I have published 13 books of my own.

I own a small press, DreamersThree Press and also produce children's books and cookbooks, etc. under the press name, Little Chicken Fried Books.

I have co-edited seven edtions of the annual Austin International Poetry Festival Anthology, di-verse city.

Fall 2004 - Present - I am the Editor for A Galaxy of Verse - a poetry periodical bringing to its readers the best among established poets. For further information about becoming a Galaxy member and how to submit poetry for publication or to purchase a back copy for reading at $7.00 each plus mailing fee, contact These books have around 70 pages.

2006 - Edited and Published Youth Book (ages 5-12 - but a great read for children of all ages)- Growing Up Southern - by Suzanne Zoch - Short stories about adventures growing up on the Mississippi Delta. For information about how to purchase a copy of this book, contact

2007 - Edited and Published The Magic Words of Herman M. Nelson - for Herman Nelson. A book full of poetry about prestidigitation, tarot cards and the everyday magic of life. A great read.